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Septic Design & On-Site Sewerage Treatment

In non-sewered areas, an on-site sewerage system must be designed and installed to ensure that the septic waste generated from the site is adequately treated and disposed of within the confines of the allotment. Dependent on the soil type, our engineers determine the most appropriate septic system for your site. The type of system and its ongoing maintenance is crucial in ensuring a healthy environment on the subject site and nearby allotments and waterways. Aerated Wastewater Treatment Plants (AWTP) are commonly used which incorporate a sub surface irrigation system, however, the tradition septic tank and trench system may also be utilised in some locations.

McKee Consulting Onsite Sewerage Facility Report investigates site conditions and soil types and recommends an on-site sewerage treatment facility suitable to your needs.

The Onsite Sewerage Facility Report considers the following legislation, policies and guidelines in the site investigation and design process;


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